Translation of any documents, which requires precision, accuracy and certification by sworn translator!


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A sworn translator has the exclusive right to perform official translations in Estonia.


The competence of a sworn translator is confirmed by a certificate issued by the Ministry of Justice based on the results of a stringent examination.


A sworn translator is responsible for the performance and quality of the translation.

Head of Sworn Translators’ Office

Lingote OÜ

Dmitri Shmorgun


  • Estonian - English
  • Estonian - Russian
  • Russian - English - Russian


  • The company Lingote is your specialist in the field of translation of economic and legal texts


• Translation of any documents requiring certification by a sworn translator


• Translation of legal and economic texts

• Consecutive interpreting at notary transactions, negotiations and business meetings

• Mediation in obtaining an apostille for documents

• Consulting services in the field of official translations

Standard document on one page (for example birth certificate)

  • Estonian - English, Estonian - Russian
  • Russian - English - Russian
  • EUR 25
  • EUR 30

Certified translation of documents, one standard page is 1800 characters with spaces

  • Estonian – English, Estonian - Russian
  • Russian – English – Russian


  • EUR 30
  • EUR 35

Certification of transcript/printout

  • 5 euros/page


  • on one page
  • more than one page
  • EUR 15
  • EUR 15 + EUR 5/page

Urgent work

  • more than 5 pages per day
  • after hours
  • +50%
  • +50-100%

Standard translation, one standard page is 1800 characters with spaces

  • Estonian - English, Estonian - Russian
  • Russian - English - Russian
  • EUR 22
  • EUR 27

Interpretation (hourly rate)

  • EUR 70

In Estonia, only sworn translators are competent to translate all the documents the translation of which must be official or certified according to foreign or Estonian legislation (Sworn Translators Act, subsection 7 (1))

A sworn translator is a person who provides the official document translation service as a professional activity and performs other functions related to translation in the cases provided for in the law (Sworn Translators Act, subsection 2 (1))

Sworn translators’ office "Lingote OÜ"

Tornimäe tn 5, 2 nd floor

Tallinn 10145

phone: (+372) 578 777 79
working hours: Mo-Fr 10.00-17.00


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